Why Filter Maintenance?

We have a standing joke around our office. "Compressor's don't die. They are murdered." The most common murder weapon? Dirty filters. 

Changing your air filters regularly isn't just a recommendation. It is a requirement. It is so very important. Once a filter has been coated with debris, the fan will pull the debris right through the filter. Air will find the path of least resistance. Once the filter has failed, the debris will then begin to attach itself to the evaporator coil, making it the filter. 

Proper airflow is the most important component to air conditioning. Without it, the refrigerant cycle doesn't work. Once a evaporator coil becomes impacted with debris, airflow is restricted which means the refrigerant will not boil off into a vapor. This means you run the risk of sending liquid refrigerant directly back to the compressor. So by changing your filter, you are protecting your compressor. 

Ask your air conditioning professional to inspect your evaporator coil during service. If it has debris, consider having them pull the coil to clean it. This will make your unit more efficient, save energy, allow the unit to remove more humidity, and save potential costly repairs. Never attempt a DIY coil cleaning. Always have a licensed contractor help you. And as always, I am here to help!


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