Heating Season Is Finally Here In Florida!

Now that December has arrived here in Florida, we are finally preparing ourselves for a Florida heating season. In that preparation, our technicians are inspecting and repairing components that normally spend eleven months of the year sitting idle: The Electric Heat

Electric heat is also known as resistance heat, emergency heat, auxiliary heat, or conventional heat. In North Central Florida, electric heat is the most common form of heating homes and businesses. 

Unlike a heat pump, electric heat is very straight forward. It is made up of a heating element or coil that gets hot when energized. It is cycled off and back on with a limit switch or cycling thermostat. Lastly, it is controlled by a relay, or more commonly a sequencer relay, which is energized by the thermostat. We diagnose issues by testing high voltage power and low voltage controls to determine what is not functioning properly in the heat system.

I am excited for the cooler weather.  


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